Angelic Millenium History and the Neo-Engel

As the 29th century dawns across Europa, the Angelic Church is facing new opportunities and challenges to its dominion over Europa Sanctus. The Great Eastern Earthquake of 2678 raised up new lands in northern Europa. This fertile land, called Nova Germania, was immediately colonized, putting vast amounts of land into production, as well as increasing the population of Germania, countering the Iberian influence on the Church. It also raised massive amounts of land around the Caucasian Sea, connecting Waldai and the Tunguska Archipelago again, and opening up travel to the East. The discovery of massive tracts of fertile lands near the Siberian Sea to the East and surrounding the Saharan Sea to the South led to the Reclamation Project, moving settlers into the area and reclaiming the souls of the aboriginal inhabitants of the so-called Junk Kingdoms occupying both areas. As a result, thousands of the Faithful were moved to these new lands, protected by castles and the new temporal armies of the Church( The Limitanai and the Sacristans, the Church Knights), while the Grimriders scoured the Junk Kingdoms for children and booty for the Tenth, angering the local inhabitants. They engaged in fierce battles with the inhabitants of the Junk Kingdoms, who hated and feared the true faith of the Angelic Church and sought to prevent it from bringing salvation to the people in the thrall of the Junk Lords.

These Junk Wars lasted from 2698 to 2718, causing much bloodshed and expanding the power of the Limitanai, under the Lord Marschal of the Church. As the Junk Kingdoms fought back, the Limitanai experimented with forbidden technology to counter the antediluvian technology of the Junk Kingdoms, while scorning the aid of the Engel, who were hard pressed anyway dealing with the Dreamseed incursions. This increased the power of the Limitanai and their supporters, the Innovators and the Militants, and their power grew within Church councils as they brought new lands and souls into the Church.

Unfortunately, this holy expansion had stirred the wrath of the Lord of Flies. Baalzebul writhed in his slumber, vomiting forth new horrors from Hell to unleash upon an unsuspecting humanity. He dispatched two great demonic generals: Abaddon the Beast and Ravna the Destroyer, to raise new armies against the Engel of the Church. In Africa, the grotesquely obese Abaddon the Beast raised the Cult of the Beast and the Army of the Beast with the aid of former Cardinal Lucan the Apostate, who has been declared Anti-Pope and placed in charge of the Cult. They recruited the mutants and savage warped Dreamseed, called Enim, of the Junk Kingdoms of Africa and the vast, mutated jungles of the South into their armies, and they marched Northward under their burning banners to challenge the Church’s hold on the lands of the Saharan Sea.

In the East, the many armed serpentine demon general Ravna the Destroyer raised an army of the snake-like Dreamseed demons called Rakshasa, with the aid of the mysterious woman known only as Devi, and he scoured the Indian Archipelagoes as he marched North West to attack the Siberian Sea and the Persian uplands. Both were aided by black skinned Engels with wings of soot and fire, with burning red eyes and fiery red unholy tattoos. These Fallen Engel called themselves Luciferites, venerating the Lord of Flies, and they championed his armies as the Engel did the army of the True Church.

As this new wave of Dreamseed, called the Scourge, erupted, the Church was driven back, almost to Europa itself. In 2722, the Limitanai unleashed its greatest weapons on the armies of Ravna at Martyropolis, in Persia. Their machinae, towering machines of steel, bristling with weaponry, and powered by steam, had been built in secret in defiance of Church Law. Lord Marschal Israel Ducas hoped that by crushing the Dreamseed, he would prove the triumph of technology over faith and break the hold of the Engel over the Church. At Martyropolis, on the Day of Bloody Tears, the machinae failed, spectacularly, destroying many Engel and most of the Limitanai. The Lord Marschal committed suicide, and his successor, Emmanuel Cardenas, ordered the retreat. From 2722 onward, the Church was on the defensive, throwing the Engel and the Templars at the Dreamseed, as well as the remaining Limitanai, all for naught but a slow, grinding, bloody retreat back to Europa.

All seemed lost for the Church, with the Pontifex calling on all to double the Tenth, and give up all earthly wealth to save the True Faith. Though the Junk Barons resisted this call, most of the common Faithful heeded it, and in response to their piety, the Lord gave two miracles. In 2725, the Stillness occurred, with the Infernos slowing to a crawl, becoming almost stationary again. Later that year the Heavens opened up, and the Second Flight of Engel descended from the skies to fight the Dreamseed. In this Second Host, not only were there the familiar Engel, but new ones as well: the glowing Phanuelites, the valiant Israfelites, the fierce Barakielites, the grim Azraelites, and the multitudes of the silent Elohim. The Raguelites, long scattered, were gathered up again, and with this new host, the Second Crusade was called.

The Crusade lasted until 2752, during which time the Scourge was driven back to the far reaches of the South and East, a long, bloody war that left many wounds on the land and cost the lives of myriads of Engel and mortals, but finally defeated the Scourge. This great, pyrrhic victory led to the proclamation of a new Papal Bull, called Ordo Novae, the New Order. This established the Angelic Church’s new internal structure, the adding of the Orders, the codification of the new Engle Choirs, the decimation and submission of the Limitanai, as well as the renewal of the Reclamation Project.

Now, in 2798, as the 28th century comes to a close and the 29th prepares to arrive, new challenges and opportunities face the Angelic Church. Though new lands and wealth have been discovered, the Junk Kingdoms remain mostly un-subdued and a threat, contained only by the uneasy cooperation between the Engel and the Limitanai. The Stillness keeps the Infernos idling, but none know when they may begin moving again. The Scourge has been driven back, but they remain, scheming and rebuilding in their strongholds in Africa and the Indian Archipelagos. The new wealth and food supplies have given rise to new cities: Martyropolis, Theodoreopolis, and Edessa in the East, Adrianoplis, Phillipopolis, and New Constantinopolis in the Balkans, as well as Neo-Berlin, Essen, Hamburg, and Danzig in Germania, as well as increasing the size of cities already established, making them sprawling concentrations of urban masses. As the Third Millennium approaches, new, Apocalyptic sects have arisen, seeking to herald the new age approaching and threatening the Church’s teachings. Only time will tell if the Church will overcome these new challenges.

Angelic Millenium History and the Neo-Engel

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