Cult of the Beast

The Cult of the Beast

Long what the Angelic Church has feared, an organized threat to their dominance has finally emerged. The Cult of the Beast’s origins are difficult to pin down. While official Church doctrine claims it was started by Abaddon, on orders from Baalzebul, there are indications from outside sources that it has existed for as long as the Church has. What is known is its doctrine is the opposite of the Angelic Church’s. It teaches that strength, individuality, and cunning are rewarded, while the Church restrains mankind from achieving true glory. It states that the reason the Lord of Flies fell was because he desired to make man the center of creation, and that the Engel opposed him.

The Cult mimics the Church’s organization, with an Anti-Pope, Lucan, once Patriarch of Iberia, served by Primarchs, Ordinals, Arch-Prelates, Prelates, and Lectors, all in mockery of the Church’s holy hierarchy and rites. It is defended by hideous Dreamseed servants as well. Besides the usual insectile Dreamseed, there is also the Enim, mutated, demonic warriors that combine mindless ferocity with terrible power in their twisted bodies, a horrid combination of insects, arachnids, and humans. There are also the terrifying Rakshasa, humanoids with the features of animals, notably reptiles, with no fear, and an appetite for human flesh. Most frightening of all are the Fallen, the Dark Engel of the Luciferites. They claim to be the Engel who followed Baalzebul into rebellion against God, and now they seek to do battle with their brethren again. With their dark skin, smoking, leathery bat wings, and lurid red Potestates, they are, perhaps, even more frightening that the more animalistic Dreamseed, since they appear both human and inhuman at the same time.

During the Scourge, the Cult of the Beast ravaged as far north as the Mediterranean shores and as far West as Persia, but were driven back south of the Saharan Sea in Africa and into the dense tropical Indian Archipelagos in the East. There, they have been rebuilding and rearming, sending out skirmishers to test the defenses of the Engel and the Limitanai, and it is obviously only a matter of time before they try to come to grips with their foes again. In the meanwhile, they send their Tempters into the Church lands to foment dissent, corruption, and sin, to weaken the Faithful before the new conflict.

Cult of the Beast

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