A secretive lodge in the Church, named after an obscure churchman called Albert of Westfallen. It remains shrouded in mystery, with its objectives and doctrine unknown. Members progress in ‘The Mysteries’ as they move up in the lodge. They tend to support the Innovators, but have sided with the conservatives as well. They sometimes refer to themselves as the ‘Illuminated Order.’


Named after the Archangel Azrael, the Archangel who separates the living from the dead. These Engel serve as scouts and watchers of those who threaten the Angelic Church. They are masters of taking advantage of a foe’s weaknesses when striking. Their Himmel is under construction in Jerusalem. They have black-grey wings and eyes.


Named after the Archangel Barakiel, Archangel of storms and lighting. Like their patron, they are fierce, primal warriors, able to channel the Wrath of God into their bodies. They are able to shrug off damage that would destroy other beings, and their wrath is devastating in battle. Their Himmel is under construction at Jarvik in Scandinavia. They have electric blue wings and eyes.

The Choirs:

Classification system for Engel. The Elohim are the Lesser Choir, while the Engel of the Archangels are called the Greater Choirs.

Cult of the Beast:

Demonic cult that embraces mutation as the path of humanity’s salvation. They emulate the characteristics of the ravenous mutated beasts of the warped, infested jungles of Africa, adopting all their savagery, ritually scarring themselves, and seeking out the vile, bubbling pools of Baalzebul’s bile to bathe in so they can mutate into his service. The Cult is led by the Anti-Pope Lucan, a former Patriarch who has abandoned the True Church for apostasy. The Cult is strongest in Africa.

Day of Bloody Tears:

In 2722, the Limitanai were overrun and crushed at the Battle of Martyropolis in the Persian highlands by the Dreamseed when their machinae, built in secret using forbidden antediluvian technology, failed against the Dreamseed armies of Ravna.


The vast majority of the Second Flight are the Elohim, tall slender, androgynous Engel with blue-white wings and eyes. Cold, reserved, and almost emotionless, they are instantly obedient to any Greater Choir of Engel. They have no Himmel, a privilege reserved only for the Greater Choirs. Instead, they dwell in Chantries scattered around the Church Lands. While not exceptionally powerful, they are resilient and plentiful, and often are found serving with the Church’s temporal servants as guards. They form the bulk of the Celestial Host’s foot soldiers. They are unable to speak, and communicate by hand gestures. Oddly enough, despite having no voice, they can sing, and their hymns of battle can be frightening to an enemy of the Church.


Sacred language of the Engels, used to command their unique powers; also, a programming language of great complexity and precision. Normally not taught to non-Engel except the adepts of the Ordo Inception of the Angelic Church. The use of Enochian in sacred tattoos can enhance an Engel’s powers.

The Followers of the Prophet:

Called the Mohammedans, they are a lodge in the Church, and are followers of an obscure prophet called Mohammed of Medina. They are conservative, and very militant about supporting the Engel and bringing the True Faith to the Junk Kingdoms. Many of their adherents are members of the Ordo Evangelista.

Germanic Workers Bread Riots

A phenomenon that has arisen in the past two decades due to the huge number of workers in Germanic Cities. At first legitimate protests against the chronic food shortages in the cites, they have been co-opted by various Humanist and Technologist elements as well as unscrupulous Germanic Junk Barons into massive protests which, though ostensibly still about food shortages, mask a challenge to the Church system. The Church, heavily committed elsewhere, has mostly left it to loyal Junk Barons and city Magistrates to deal with the riots, but as they increase in frequency and intensity, the Church has begun deploying minimal amounts of Engel, mostly Elohim, to support the militia and city watches. This in turn has caused resentment of the Church and the Engel to rise in the cities, leading to an ever deepening spiral of violence and retaliation.

The Great Eastern Earthquake of 2678:

A vast spasm of the planet in 2678 that wracked Europa and many other parts of the world and preceded the Scourge. It thrust up sizable amounts of land in Germania, as well as connecting Waldai and the Tunguska Archipelago again. Many faithful believe the earthquake was the result of Baalzebul stirring in his slumber, while others believe it was God punishing the wicked. Officially, the Church maintains both positions, that through the actions of the Lord of Flies, the sinful inhabitants of Europa were punished.


Named after Israfel, Archangel of Song. These Engel are hunters of the Dreamseed, able to stalk their prey over vast distances and knowledgeable about their weaknesses. Their Himmel is under construction in New Carthage in Africa. Their wings and eyes are emerald and white.

Junk Kingdom:

A community on the fringe of the Church Lands that is not a member of the community of faith, usually heretics and technologists.

Junk Wars:

Lasted from 2698 to 2718, they were the Church’s great attempt to bring salvation to the souls of those living in the Junk Kingdoms of Siberia and Africa.


Leader of a century.


Often pronounced century, a unit of 100 men in the Limitanai.


Often pronounced centurion, the senior non-commissioned officer in the Limitanai, ranking over a Sergeant. Often second in command of a Century.

Khristos of Adrianopolis:

One of the Church’s most brilliant researchers, born in 2660 in Adrianopolis, Greece. He was ordained as a monk of the Order of Saint Gregorius, and was a prominent member of that Order’s archeological expeditions. In 2685 his discovery of a vast sunken vessel off the coast of Italia containing many Angelite artifacts impressed His Holiness so much he was allowed to gather his own group of scholar-monks to attempt to rediscover the formula for the sacred inks of the Engel. He accomplished this 2718, preparing the way for the Second Flight. He is also thought to have been instrumental in the re-gathering of the Raguelites, and the petition for the Sarim to advise the Pontifex. He also led many expeditions to the ruins of the Raguelite and Samaelite Himmels, as well as investigating the ruins of a Luciferite pit. He directly founded both the Ordo Inception as well as the Ordo Armori. He was murdered in 2730 by parties unknown, but believed to be Technomancers.


A unit of the Church Army, usually 1,500 men. Based out of a stronghold and charged with holding a specific frontier area.


Leader of a Kohort. Also more commonly called a Kolonel. These are often the most experienced men in the Limitanai.


Leader of a Kommando.


Unit of the Limitanai, usually 250 to 500 men, the smallest unit capable of independent operations.

The Lawbringers:

Also called the Mosaics, this is a conservative lodge that followers the teachings of an ancient text called the Talmud. They seek to codify Canon Law, applying it equally to all clergy and laity, and generally oppose the willfulness of the Curia. Most of their membership are clerical judges and members of the Ordo Quasitori.


The official Church army, they are regular, trained troops. They are far better trained than the average Junk Baron’s army, and are equipped with some neo-tech. It is led by the Lord Marschal, who bears the rank of Patriarch. The rank and file of the Limitanai are usually recruited from the urban slums. They are savage fighters. They are currently in disrepute for their inability to defeat the Junk Kingdoms, for stirring the Lord of Flies with the Reclamation Project, and for dabbling in forbidden technology, leading to the Day of Bloody Tears fiasco in 2722.


The Sacred Word of God. New sacred tattoos for Engel that incorporate the words of the Angelic Bible. They seem to shift and shimmer along the Engel’s skin as if alive, and they glow as they discharge their powers, enhancing an Engel’s abilities.

Lucan de Vries:

Born in Franconia in 2640, of the De Vries family, Dukes of Toulon. Ordained at the age of 16, he was very ambitious and brilliant, working his way up through the hierarchy by ruthless, unethical means, including blackmail, assassination, and false accusations of heresy. He reached the position of Patriarch of Iberia at a young age, joining the Consistory, where he committed the blasphemy of attempting to murder the Pontifex himself. The poisons he used had no effect on His Holiness, and Lucan fled, using his family’s influence, and escaped to Africa, making his way eventually to Metropole, where he vanished. He resurfaced during the Scourge as head of the Cult of the Beast, where, as Anti-Pope, he declared war on the Holy Church and promised to ‘liberate’ Europa from the Church’s rule. He is still alive after a hundred years, preserved through a combination of forbidden technology that has supplemented his body, as well as consuming the life force of innocents through dark magic. He is known to have aided Simeon the Heretic in escaping the Inquisition.


Named after Baalzebul’s original name in Heaven, they are Fallen Engel who swore allegiance to him and followed him into rebellion against God. They are dark skinned, unlike true Engel, and their wings are leathery, like a bat’s, often dripping smoke and fire. Their Potestates are called Omens, and they are fiery red, giving off flames, and their eyes are red as well. They often sport beast horns as well. They attack true Engel above all other foes. Their Himmels are called Pits, and there are two remaining, one deep in the jungles of Africa, and another on an island in the Indian Archipelagos. The Pit in North Africa, near Cyrenaica, was destroyed during the Scourge by a massive, combined assault of the Michaelite, Urielite, and Gabrielite Choirs.


Most prominent of the Junk Kingdoms, it is located on a large island off the coast of West Africa, near the equator. It embraces the heretical beliefs in a republic, technology, humanism, and freedom of faith. They have clashed several times with the Church, though the threat of the Dreamseed keeps both from sending their full might against each other. They have a large fleet of dirigibles, powered by hydrogen fuel cells, and of machinae, huge, humanoid war machines. They are a center for the Cult of the Machine, and they are known sponsors of the league of Technomancers called the Technocratic Order, also known as the Archimedean Order. Metropole is ruled by two magistrates called Consuls, who must approve each other’s decisions.

The Militants:

A lodge in the Church, also called the Church Militant. They are liberal, allied with the Innovators, and they seek to strengthen the Limitanai to counter the influence of the Engel.


The Great Earthquake of 2678 thrust up the long sunken lands of Northern Germany, creating wide, fertile plains laced with rivers running from the Alps to the sea. Many Europans were settled here as the first step of the Reclamation Project, and by the 29th century, it is a very prosperous and politically powerful center of Europa. Its trade league, the New Hanse, operating out of the great inland port of Leipzig along the Elbe, and Danzig, Lubeck, and Stettin on the Baltic coast, monopolizes water trade in the Baltic, White, and North seas. In Westfallen, the great factory cities of Essen, Aachen, Cologne, and Frankfurt turn out weapons and armor in great numbers for both the Engel and Limitanai.

Along with this great new wealth, which pours into the Church’s coffers through new tithes and indulgences, has arisen a stubborn degree of humanism that rivals Iberia. The German Diodachi are as wealthy, proud, and stubborn as the Iberians, and the upper classes feel shut out of politics by the Church, a belief that clashes with the faith of the peasants and workers of Neo-Germania. Neo-Berlin is the capital of the area, and it teems with wealth from trade and manufacturing, making it one of the largest cities in Europa. Many Limitanai are recruited from Neo-Germania, and the Church keeps a wary eye on it, because its power is crucial to the Crusade against the Dreamseed, and because they do not desire humanism to take too deep a root here.


The Ink reverse engineered by Khristos of Adrianoplis from samples of the proto ink he recovered as well as Luciferite ink. While it has a failure rate of 10% to 15% over the refined ink used by the Engel originally, it at least suffices to produce Neo-Engel in enough numbers, as well as large quantities of Elohim. The failure rate, however, does have the drawback of producing warped Engel and Luciferites, which are then destroyed ruthlessly by the Ordo Inception.

New Constantinople:

A large island city of Europa, it the home of the reconstituted Raguelites. Their Himmel is under construction here, as is their new Librarium. It’s pleasant climate and strategic location has made it one of the fastest growing communities in Europa, and the Limitanai maintain a sizable presence here as well. It is considered the gateway to the Church’s Eastern lands. The Siege of New Constantinople marked the turning point of the Scourge, when the Neo-Engel first appeared in battle.

Order of Saint Gregorius:

Founded during the Reclamation Project to aid the Limitanai in finding and cataloguing forbidden technology. It was heavily supported by the Militants and the Albertines. After the murder of Khristos of Adrianopolis, the order was purged and taken over by the Ordo Inception.

Ordo Armori:

The Armorers of the Angelic Church. They wear rust colored robes and are known for their sacred tools. They design new weapons and armors for the Engels in their battle against the Dreamseed. The Grand Artificer sits in the Consistory and has the rank of Patriarch.

Ordo Evangelista:

Officially, the Evangelists spread the Angelite faith to the heathen, and their white and gray robes are seen ministering to the newly converted among the Junk Kingdoms. Unofficially, they also handle a task the Church is reluctant to admit exists, that of diplomacy. Since any admission that a Junk Kingdom is strong enough to require that the Church use diplomacy, or is any sort of equal, is anathema to the Church’s core doctrine, diplomacy is officially unnecessary, yet it is often a truth that the Church must deal with them as credible threats, if not equals, as well as prepare them for conversion to the True Faith. This gives the Evangelists great power in the Curia, as they are the most knowledgeable about the lands beyond the Church’s domains, information vital to the Church’s survival. Thus, the Evangelists are trained theologians, as well as debaters, able to skewer and demolish any rivals’ arguments. They are also consummate negotiators, as well as trained observers and spies. The Grand Evangelist has the rank of Patriarch.

Ordo Inception:

The Inceptors are the order of the Church entrusted with the health and well being of the Angelic Chapters, as well as the designation of newly baptized Engel. Known for their white and red robes as well as their crimson data pads that hang from their belts. They are master geneticists. The order is unique in that it has two leaders. The High Progenitor, who cares for the new born Engel, is a member of the Consistory with the rank of Patriarch, and the High Inscriptor, who is responsible for creating the Neo-Ink for the Neo-Engel, is also a member of the Consistory and a Patriarch. They also control the Order of Saint Gregorius, the Church archeologists who search for forbidden technology so it can be destroyed before it harms Europa.

Ordo Inquisitori:

The Grand Inquisition was formed and codified within the Angelic Church to deal with the twin heretical threats of the Cult of the Beast and the Cult of the Machine, taking the responsibilities of the old Inquisitors from the various Engel Choirs and centralizing them. The Grand Inquisitor has the rank of Patriarch, and his black and white robed and armored Inquisitors scour the Church Lands and beyond for heretics such as Technologists and the Cult of the Beast. They are often aided by Elohim flights.

Ordo Malleus:

The Grand Hunt, the Hammers of Evil scour the lands looking for the unclean and witches, those mutants called Morlocks, and other signs of the hand of Baalzebul. The High Exterminator has the rank of Patriarch, and her crimson robed Exterminators are a feared sight, often aided by flights of Elohim.

Ordo Procuratori:

The sutlers and suppliers of the Church, they are responsible for supplying the Church with anything required for its needs. They enforce the Church Tithes, except for the Tenth, which is still the province of the Engel directly. The Procurators maintain their own Grimriders to aid them in their tasks, and their white and blue robes are feared in many poorer urban areas, where their hand falls heavy on the common people in collecting the Church’s tithes. The High Procurator sits in the Consistory and has a Patriarch’s rank.

Ordo Quasitori:

The Church’s police force, they investigate civil crimes against the church, which is anything not defined as heresy, which is the sole province of the Inquisition. They also run the Church courts, and their black and blue robes are a common, and feared sight in many communities, even those dominated by Junk Barons. They are trained as lawyers, investigators, and enforcers. The High Prosecutor sits in the Consistory and has the rank of Patriarch.

The Patriarchs:

One of the most fundamental parts of the Ordo Novae, is the establishment of the Patriarchal System. The Patriarchs are the most powerful clergy in the Church after the Pontifex. Each controls one geographical region as Chief Administrator, answering directly to the Pontifex as members of the Consistory, the advisory council to the Pontifex. They are appointed to the Consistory, not elected. The current Patriarchs are of Iberia, Franconia, Germania, Scandinavia, Macedonia, Anatolia, Syria, Persia, Palestine, Arabia, Oriens-Aegyptus, Africa, Mauritania, Sahara, Moscow, Carpathia, Tunguska, Waldai, and Siberia. The heads of the various Orders are also Patriarchs, as are the Abs of each Himmel.


Named after Phanuel, the Archangel of Light. They are an order of Engel warrior-monks, spending most of their time in contemplation. They are masters of unarmed combat, or with their Fist Blades and Wing Razors. Their Himmel is under construction in Mecca. Their wings and eyes are silver and gold.


Officially the Knights of the Order of the Sacred Blood. They are an order of Church Knights that train extensively to fight the Junk Kingdoms, and to a lesser extent the Dreamseed. They are better trained and equipped than even the Limitanai, with very high morale, and their Preceptor answers only to the Pontifex. They are like the Templars in that they follow a strict code of discipline. Their black and red half plate armor, blood red cloaks, and sacred banners are feared on any battlefield by the enemies of the Church, and they are heavily armed with pistoles, carbine muskets, picadors, long swords, and daggers.

The Sarim:

The Princes of Heaven. The greatest angels, Metatron, Melchizedek, and Sandalphon, who advise the Pontifex in a special chamber of the Vatican called the Heart of Jacob. Only the Pontifex is allowed within its gleaming white walls to receive the instructions of God. It is death for anyone else, human or Engel, to enter.

The Scourge:

The arrival of the Enim, Rakshasa, and Luciferites, under Abaddon and Ravna and the unleashing of their armies. The Scourge lasted from 2722 to 2752.

The Second Flight:

The arrival of new Engels from Heaven in 2725 to drive back the assault of Abaddon into the lands south of the Saharan Sea and Ravna back into the Indian Archipelagoes. The re-founding of the Raguelites on the Isle of Constantinopolis, as well as the arrival of the Israfelites, the Azraelites, the Barakielites, the Phanuelites, and the Elohim all occurred during this time. Mysteriously, the Samaelites were not refounded at this time.

The Seekers of the Word:

Also known as Gnostics, they are a mystical lodge within the Church. They claim to have access to an ancient work called the Gospel of Simon Magus. They are specialists in prophecies, sibyls, oracles, and the like, and have an extensive collection of them. They claim to have contact with little known Archangels and Sarim called Pistis Sophia, Sabaoth, Malachi, and Zadkiel. They also claim to have knowledge of the Sephiroth, the angelic aspects of God.

Simeon the Heretic:

Heretic former cardinal, an Innovator and supporter of the Limitanai, who claimed the Angelic Church was a lie, that the Pontifex was a monster called a clone, that the archangels and Sarim were actually technological abominations called AI’s, and that the Engel were genetically engineered warriors, created from humans using biotechnology from the antediluvian age. He maintained that the Church sabotaged the Limitanai’s machinae at the Battle of Martyropolis to maintain the Pontifex’s hold over the Church, as well as murdering Lord Marschal Israel Ducas to prevent him from winning the battle. He also maintained that God regularly spoke to him from a burning sigil in the air that only he could see. He was hunted ruthlessly by the Church and finally was assassinated in the island Junk Kingdom of Metropole, off the coast of Africa.


The followers of Simeon, they are heretics of the worst caliber and pursued diligently by all manner of the Church’s servants. They often attempt to slay Engel to prove their mortal nature, making them hated by the Engel. They often work with Technomancers and the Cult of the Machine, but not the Cult of the Beast.

The Stillness:

The slowing down of the Infernos, paused by the Hand of God, in 2725. This miracle is believed to be the direct result of the piety of the Faithful during the Scourge. The slowing of the Infernos allowed the Church to recover valuable artifacts from the Samaelite and Raguelite Himmels.


A group of followers of the Cult of the Machine. They travel in secret, subverting the gullible with their claims of technological miracles through medicine, as well as teaching heretical ideas in the sprawls. They claim to be able to duplicate Engel Potestates using technology.


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