The game takes place in the 29th century, a world far different from our own. Ecological disasters have changed the people and the landscape of the world, with massive flooding changing the look of the world, as well as the scarring caused by slowly moving pillars of flame called infernos that sweep over the landscape, leaving charred, dead earth in their wake. It is a new Dark Age, with many of the technological wonders of the ancient past long forgotten or reduced to mere relics. It is an age dominated by faith, as Europa and the Mediterranean area are dominated by a version of Christianity called the Angelite Faith, which rejects the humanism, secularism, and technology of the past in favor of strict faith in a stern god.

In this world, the Angelite Church is locked in a brutal war with the fringe communities called Junk Kingdoms, which reject the Angelite Faith and cling to the past, as well as with monstrous abominations called Dreamseed, which the Church proclaims are the spawn of Baalzebul, Lord of Flies, the fallen angel and enemy of God. The instruments of the Church against these enemies are the Engel, winged humanoids possessed of strange powers that the Church proclaims are the messengers of God, who answer to the Pontifex of the Angelite Church, a seemingly immortal, brilliant child named Peter the Second. Players will take the role of members of the various Engel Choirs, and engage in fierce battle to protect their faith, their Church, and their charges in a hostile future.

Engel-Angelic Millenium

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