Neo-Engel Weapons


Angelic Warblade:

This graceful, slightly curved, wide, single edged 1m blade is composed of ancient composites and alloys, making it light, cruelly sharp, and deadly. The long, curved hilt is wrapped with linen strips bearing Angelite verses of praise. It is only issued to Engel who have achieved a degree of prowess, renown, (level ten in their Engel class) and respect.

Azraelite Blade:

This .3m blade is light, single edged, and curved, made out of ancient alloys. It has a wicked notch towards the hilt, allowing it to tear flesh on the way out of its victim’s body. It is easily concealable(-2 on Spot and Search.) Only veteran Azraelites(level ten and up) are allowed to use it. It is often used in tandem, and can be thrown, with a 5m increment of range.

Barakielite Greatsword:

This massive 1.5m weapon is straight, double edged, and heavy, made out of ancient alloys. It has a heavy hilt, with an equally heavy, ornate guard. The blade is decorated with hymns of praise for victory and battle. Only veteran Barakielites(level ten and up) are allowed to wield it.

Barakielite Greataxe:

This is another massive Barakielite weapon, a 1.5m haft with two huge, back to back axe heads, deeply curved and ornate. It is emblazoned with hymns of glory and battle in Enochian. Only veteran Barakielites(level ten and up) are allowed to wield it.

Barakielite Lightning Sword:

The Barakielite answer to the fiery blade wielded by the Michaelites, the Wrath of God wield this exotic blade with deadly effectiveness. The blade is 1.3m long, double edged, made of ancient alloys, and its center is open, along which lightning crackles. When it hits its target, it not only does its 1d10 regular damage, but also 1d6 electrical damage as well. Only the most elite of the Barakielites(level 15 and up) are allowed the privilege of wielding this weapon.

Carbine Musket:

Used by members of the Limitanai and the Sacristans, this is a musket with a shorter barrel, designed to be shot from horseback. It uses a wheel lock instead of a matchlock, and is much more reliable than the standard modern musket.

Deus Xiphos:

Named after the divine sword given to Michael by God to vanquish Baalzebul with, these weapons are venerated by all Engel as a gift from their archangel. The elaborate cross piece is emblazoned with the Angelite symbol, while the 1.25m blade, slightly curved, is made of a mysterious, antediluvian metal that never rusts and has double hardness. The blade is engraved in Enochian, praising God for victory in battle. Only the most elite of Engel(level 15 and up) are permitted to bear this weapon, and it is death for a non-Engel or non clergy to touch it.

Elohim Falchion:

The basic weapon for the Elohim, it is a heavy, curved, single edged .5m blade made of composites and alloys. The hilt is long, and customarily wrapped with linen prayer ribbons. Though an Elohim weapon primarily, some Engel also use it, particularly neonate Engel who have yet to qualify for their Choir’s specific weaponry.

Elohim Warspear:

Another basic Elohim weapon, this is a very heavy, wide 1.5 meter, slightly curved, double edged blade made of composites and alloys, mounted on a 1m alloy shaft wrapped with prayer ribbons. It has reach, and can be set to receive a charge. As with the Elohim falchion, though it is an Elohim weapon, some Engel also use it, particularly neonate Engel who have yet to qualify for their Choir’s specific weaponry.

Initiate’s Blade:

The weapon given to all novitiate Engel upon their ordination into their Choir, this is a light, graceful blade made of composites. The blade is 1m long, single edged and slightly curved, with simple yet elegant work along the length. The long hilt is wrapped in linen prayer ribbons inscribed with Angelite hymns. The blade is a gleaming silver that can be seen for a distance.

Israfelite Sword:

The Hunters of the Lord bear these swords with deadly grace and precision on the hunt. They have a .5 m straight, single edged blade, heavier towards the hilt, made of blued alloys, and engraved with prayers for success in the hunt. They are wielded in pairs, and count as light weapons when dual welded by Israfelites(see Israfelite class). Only veteran Israfelites(level ten and up) are allowed to use these weapons.

Gabrielite Double Sword:

The Champions of God created this weapon to give their choir a weapon that was unique. It is a massive 2m weapon, consisting of a long alloy shaft with a .5m double-edged blade at either end. It is elaborately detailed with hymns in Enochian. It is a double weapon.

God Hammer:

Another example of how the Gabrielites are adapting to the Neo-Engel is their adoption of firearms. The God Hammer is a massive hand cannon, with a matchlock trigger. The huge bore fires a .75 caliber ball propelled by refined Angelite powder, which is superior to the ordinary black powder used by the Junk Barons and Limitanai. Only veteran Gabrielites(level ten plus) are allowed to use this weapon.

Gun Blade:

A Junk Lord weapon, this is a heavy 1m metal blade with deep channeling on both sides. Built into the heavy hilt are two .3m gun barrels, one on each side. When the blades hits a target, as a swift action the trigger in the handle may be pulled, firing a musket ball along the blade into the target, doing 2d6 damage. This attack is considered an attack of opportunity, and the bullet uses the same crit statistics as the blade. This weapon is always custom made by Essen or Iberian master gunsmiths, and is very expensive.

Gun Pike:

Another hybrid gun-blade weapon, this is mounted on a heavy pike shaft. It operates exactly as the gun blade, except its musket balls do 3d6.

A common weapon now among the Engel Hosts, this weapon is a 1.5 meter metallic piercing tip, attached to a 1 meter haft, which is usually decorated in prayer cloths covered in hymns praising God and celebrating Engel victories over his enemies. It is used to either make a charging attack, in which case its critical threshold and modifier are increased. It can also be set to receive a charge, like a pike, in which case it does extra damage.

A new weapon now becoming more common as the riots in the cities in France and Germany spread. It is a long metal pole with two hinged mandibles at the end which close when used on a target. When used to initiate a grapple, it grants a +10 equipment bonus to the grapple check of the user, and the user is never considered unskilled in Grappling. It was restricted to watch and militia units suppressing the Worker’s Bread Riots, but now Engel, especially Elohim, have begun using it, along with the threat of Engel using it to capture rioters and bring them up to drop them from a height.

Phanuelite Fist Blade:

The distinctive weapon of the Contemplatives, these are heavy gauntlets of leather and composites, mounting wicked .3m composite blades. When wearing these gauntlets, the Phanuelite may use their unarmed attack bonuses, including weapon damage.

Phanuelite Wing Razor:

Another Phanuelite weapon, these are 1m curved, single-edged blades mounted on a tough leather harness. It fits along the bone on the outer edge of an Engel’s wings and allows them to use their wings as weapons in a fight. A Phanuelite may use their unarmed attack bonuses, including weapon damage, when attacking with this weapon. A Phanuelite may also take Multi-Dexterity to use the Wing Razors in tandem with the Fist Blades, allowing one extra attack with either, counting as an off hand attack with all normal penalties for an off hand attack.


The lance-blade used by the Sacristans. It is made out of recycled alloys, with a 2m shaft with a heavy, wide, 1m single edged blade mounted on the end. Its curve is topped with a sharp point, and it can be used to either impale or slice a foe.


A heavy, 3m shaft topped with a 1m long spike made of alloys, it is used by the Limitanai foot in pike and musket formations. It can be formidable used against mounted troops, and even against armored foot it can be devastating. It is a reach weapon and can be set to receive a charge.


The pistol used by officers, often referred to as a German pistol or Essen Pistol. It is a wheel lock, and can be easily fired from horseback, making it popular among officers of the Limitanai and among its dragoons(mounted infantry), as well as with the Sacristan Church Knights.

Raguelite Battle Staff:

The scholarly Raguelites prefer not to engage in battle, but when they do have to, they use these 1.25m long staves of alloys and composites, engraved with Angelic lore and prayers. It is a double weapon.

Rifled Musket:

The weapon issued to Limitanai and Sacristan footmen, this is a much improved version of the standard matchlock musket. It uses a wheel lock, and its rifled barrel lets it fire at range without a stand. In the Limitanai, it is often used in dense formations of mixed pike men and musketeers, to deadly effect against Junk Kingdom armies, and to some degree against smaller Dreamseed swarms.

Small Sword:

A light, flexible 1m straight blade, double edged, and made out of composites and recycled alloys. It has an ornate basket hilt. It is designed primarily for piercing, and is a great favorite among Limitanai officers.

Urielite Warbow:

An improved version of the Urielite longbow, it is shorter, but made of much stronger composite materials. The bow itself is engraved with Enochian symbols and prayers. It is capable of propelling arrows much farther than a normal bow. Only veteran Urielites(level ten and up) are issued this weapon.

Voice of God:

Another Gabrielite weapon, this is a long musket, using a .50 caliber ball propelled with Angelite powder, hurling it at farther ranges. The alloy barrel is ornately decorated with hymns of battle.

Neo-Engel Weapons

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