Azraelite Potestes

Azraelites: Signum Skills: Soul Sight(Wis), David’s Agility(Dex), Like a Thief in the Night(Con)

Sigil Skills: Sennacharib’s Plague (Con), Sigil of Shadows(Dex), Shroud of Azrael(Dex)

Scriptura Skills: Black Blood(Con), On Shadowy Wings(Dex), Darkness Descending(Dex)

Soul Sight(Wis)

Prerequisites: Signum

Hit Point Cost: 1

Check: The skill check determines the duration of the effect. For the duration of the effect the Azraelite sees without the benefit of his eyes. Treat this as the ability Life Sense.

Check Duration

1-15 1 round

16-25 3 rounds

26+ 6 rounds

Retry: While under the effect of this Potestes, the Engel may not attempt to activate this Potestes.

Sennacharib’s Plague (CON)

Sigil of Shadows(blinds opponent)

Shroud of Azrael (shadow armor AC)

Black Blood( kills opponent by poisoning blood, graphically

On Shadowy Wings (Silence 5m)

Darkness Descending (Teleport 10m, LOS)

Azraelite Potestes

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